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Looking For Investors
We are currently looking for independant
investors that share the same interest and values as we do in Western movies.
The budget is

Seriously interested parties may call
Robert Lanthier
(818) 510-6629

Black Stallion Productions presents
Montoya's Betrayal
Original screenplay created and written by Robert Lanthier


No matter what century man has lived, since the beginning of “his time” on earth, greed has always been in the forefront for many. The year is 1883, and the place, Southern California.

The story is simple to understand, man has not changed! Elena Montoya, wife of Antonio Montoya, is such an example. Montoya, eighth generation of the Montoya land, long before the gold strike of 1849, loves his wife and will do anything for her.

A wild black stallion horse is one of her desires, and true to his character, Antonio acquires it for her. Unbeknownst to Antonio, even though he loves her dearly, his wife betrays him, and pays a heavy price at the end.

But good will prevail over evil, and not allow this to happen. This family story is full of the goodness we all need to see. A love story between the deputy marshal and a school teacher lends to the tenderness of the film. The deputy’s happy-go-lucky life is sometimes tested to show his more serious side.

We will all enjoy the townsfolk: from the store keeper, the livery owner, the saloon owner, run by a crusty no-nonsense lady named Dallas. Also, the newspaper lady, the owner of the lady’s dress shop, the attorney, and yes, even the town drunk! Each has their own little story entwined with twists and turns, that will leave you laughing and perhaps shedding a tear.

“Montoya’s Betrayal” will definitely have worldwide appeal! Being a western, it will be a major success due to the popularity of the American Cowboy and American Western films around the world.

There is a message and a lesson to be learned in this film that the audience will see and understand once viewing this true-to-life story. It is meant for enjoyment without the proverbial shoot-em-up cowboy flick! Yes, there is some violence, but only to lend to the authenticity of what it was like in the old west, in 1883, with the coming of a new age.

Enjoy a new experience and a new kind of family western!

We are creating a wonderful, clean, and wholesome western movie, called “Montoya’s Betrayal,” which is being produced by Robert Lanthier. There will be many prominent western stars appearing in this film, which will delight the movie-goers. Montoya's Betrayal will attract a large market worldwide with the actors that we have chosen. In our research, we have found that western films are making a comeback in grand style, and we must not miss out on this wonderful opportunity to capitalize in this profitable market.

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